(June 1994) Holy Trinity Church Parish Supper

There were 76 people from the community in the Village Hall where tables were attractively laid out and a welcoming glass of wine helped them to hear some unattractive news about the finances of the church. The Treasurer, Colin Frith, welcomed those present and thanked them for the support which they and others in the community had given the church over the years. He then gave a short presentation of the prospects for the future with an immediate expected weekly deficit of £48 and rising. Over half the church’s annual income came from 4 people, whose identities only he knew. If any were to leave the parish, a serious situation would arise.

David Haylett, the Diocese of Oxford adviser, then gave a presentation on the finances of the Diocese, highlighting the inability of the Church Commissioners to help as they had done in the past. Some revealing slides helped to give details of the position and indicated that many communities would lose their local church unless more money was forthcoming.

A delicious supper was then served and a very enjoyable evening ensued. Many people paid tribute to a happy evening of fellowship the like of which should take place more often, but whether Ann Spicer, who was responsible for the superb cooking, would agree is another matter!

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Preliminary results of the request to parishioners to support the continued survival of Holy Trinity Church have been encouraging. It is, of course, not too late to respond. The Treasurer, Colin Frith, will be providing a detailed report in the next issue of Sibford Scene.