(February 1994) Sibfords Society

We were delighted to see many new faces at our last meeting: those who were able to attend both the Sibford and Swalcliffe Society meetings enjoyed a real treat within the space of a week. At Sibford, Vera Hodgkins shared with us her knowledge of the plush industry which once thrived in Shutford. Her talk covered details of the specialised weaving industry and included vivid memories of the many processes and the people who carried them out. Some of the examples of plush materials were stunning in both colour and quality, wonderful examples of a local industry which furnished many of the palaces all over the world during the early 1900s.

Our next meeting will be our AGM on Friday 11 March at 8.00pm in the Mission Room. Kevin Larner (Cherwell District Council Leisure and Recreation Department) has agreed to come and talk to us after the AGM. Kevin has already helped the Society to secure a grant towards the production and printing our Village Walk leaflet, so please make a note of this date in your new diary.