(October 1993) But first – the good news

The news this month is like the Curate’s Egg – some parts are Good and some parts are. well, Not-So-Good.

The Good News?

First, those clear images of childhood innocence and enjoyment as the Primary School youngsters recount their Holiday Memories (pages 12-13). (Don’t worry, ‘daddy’, I’m sure Simon doesn’t think you’re a wimp.)

Then there’s the exciting victory by Sibford Cricket Club to win the George Clark Cup (page 6) — Congratulations.

Next, after a disappointing Friendship Club Autumn Sale last year, it seems that the whole village rallied round this time and helped swell their funds by a magnificent £320 — as Beatrice Haynes says (page 9) ‘Thank You One and All’.

Last, but by no means least, that delightful lady. Mrs Emmie Rymell, celebrated her 95th birthday at least twice on 1st September (page 19) — first with her friends at the Fielding Day Centre and then, no doubt after a little snooze and her favourite ‘nice cuppa tea’, with her family, friends & neighbours at home – Emmie, it’s a privilege to know you.

The Not-So-Good News?

There was markedly less support this year for both the Annual Horticultural Show (page 15 and insert) and the Sibford Shindig (page 11), two events that provide, if only indirectly, a rare chance for large numbers of villagers, whether long~standing or newcomers, to gather together and to enjoy the company of old friends and to make new ones.

The Horti Society Committee’s idea of asking you, the Villagers, what would make the Annual Show more attractive to you, seems a good one — it is hoped that a large number of you will help them by returning completed questionnaires.

Similarly. the Village Hall Committee would no doubt be pleased to receive, either directly or via the Scene,  your suggestions for making the next Sibford Shindig a sell-out.

Maybe next year, with YOUR help, we will have two more Good News items to report.