(July 1993) Sibford Scene staff say “Thank you” to Barry

More than 30 present & past members of the volunteer ‘staff’ of the Sibford Scene gathered in the Village Hall in the evening of 3 June, mainly to say ‘Thank You’ to Barry Davies for his almost eight years of service as Editor.

The evening began with the present staff finding out what each other does on the Scene, be it in the areas of production, advertising, printing, assembling or distribution.

Next came the refreshments, giving us time to chat with our fellow workers and to meet some of the ex-staff who had come along.

Attention then focused on our guest of honour. After a couple of speeches, Barry was presented with the gift of a gardening implement, in sincere appreciation of his work for the Scene and the community.

In his response, Barry informed us that this brought his total number of such implements to one! But then, we have all learnt by now (or should have) to take some of our Barry’s comments – including some of those that appear in print – with a modicum of saline seasoning.

The evening ended with more chat and more refreshments. The event appeared to be a success; perhaps we should find an excuse for another such gathering in the near future – maybe the present Editor’s retirement, if his post-bag is anything to go by.