(June 1992) “Ich Dien” or The Sibford Citizen’s Charter

The Fashion of the Month seems to be to incorporate a charter into one’s activities thereby providing a “Feel Powerful Factor” if the “Feel Good” one is missing!

Not wishing to be omitted from such an excellent exercise in service, The Scene hastens to introduce a Charter of its very own. GAUDEAMUS IGITUR.

Following an impassioned plea from a fearsome but lovable citizen of Burdrop who finds the Gower too distant to travel (quote) “If you want copy for The Scene why do you actively discourage it?” NON SEQUITUR.

Arrangements have now been made for villagers from the Ferris to leave copy for the following month’s Scene at Virginia Cottage where ever helpful Ray Henbrey has kindly agreed to act as a sub-collecting point. MIRABILE DICTU.

These submissions may then be collected by the Editor for editing prior to setting out the next edition of The Scene – collecting day 21st of each month.

One day it is hoped to introduce an Editor’s Charter! FIAT JUSTITIA RUAT CAELUM.