(February 1992) Volunteers needed

The Sixth Form at Sibford School, in conjunction with the Social Services Department, are planning to set up a Luncheon Scheme for frail elderly people who are being maintained in their own homes, but need some day care input. This is an exciting new initiative that will form part of the Community Care Plan, which aims to keep elderly people living in the community for as long as possible.

The School will provide input, but they will need some adult volunteers. Tasks involved will be – helping with transport, assistance in the serving of meals, help with social activities (which will take place after the meal), and taking meals out to those who are not able to come. Obviously we shall need a greater input from volunteers during school holidays. It is planned that the Luncheon Scheme will take place on a Wednesday.

Obviously the more volunteers we have, the less work there will be for individuals! It is hoped that both male and female volunteers will be recruited.

A Meeting to discuss the Scheme will be held at the School on 14.2.92. at 7.p.m. and anyone who is interested is warmly invited to attend.

If you are interested in the Scheme but are unable to attend, would you please telephone either Gill Manthorpe at the school or Judith Weeks at the Social Services Department so that you can be informed of developments.