(February 1992) Sibford Scouts 1981

In 1981, Richard Austing and Erica Wimbush got together to re-start a Cub Pack in Slbford Gower. Nine boys, Gideon Hedley, Guy Robbins, Simon Tustain, Matthew Spicer, Alex Marcovitch, James Marcovitch, Scott Conway, Ross James and Matthew Simms formed the basis of the new Pack. Cheryl James joined as ACSL. Elaine Hutchinson and Dawn Wealsby became instructors.

Their enthusiasm and energy set firm foundations for the future Group. The Group Executive Committee was formed in 1983 under the Chairmanship of Alan Chater. Numerous committee members have worked hard over the years to provide a secure financial base for training activities. From the very beginning, the Pack was always keen to support District and County events and twenty three Sibford Cubs went on the District Cub Outing to Chester in 1982.

Within five years a Scout Troop of eleven boys was formed under the leadership of Mike Bowden. Two of the original Cubs, Guy Robbins and Gideon Hadley led the two patrols. ln June. Roger Jackson joined the Troop as ASL.

In 1988 a Beaver Colony was added to the Training sections with Robin Spicer as Brown Beaver. This was followed in 1990 when Colin Akers agreed to lead the new Venture Scout Unit.

Keith Hicks – Group Scout Leader.