(June 1991) Tests for seven year olds and continued assessment – Pupil “The Sibford Scene”

The Editor recently attended an all day seminar run by the O.R.C.C. for yillage newspapers. The conference represented over a hundred monthly newspapers stretching right across Oxfordshire.

One of the main purposes of the gathering was to indulge in criticism and acclamation.

The Scene received high praise for the new layout. (Both old and new were on display). We were also credited with an excellent front heading for its continuity and simplicity with subtle seasonal variations. (Thank you Mollie).

The actual variety of content was commented upon as an excellent mix and we were congratulated on the willing cooperation of so many contributors (Thank you all!) A pleasant touch of humour to lighten the information was appreciated (thank you Boundary Mani)

There were many criticisms but as most of these are the responsibility of the Editor, they are not for publication!! (Shame!) but he’s working on them.

Conclusion ~ steady improvement – Could do better!