(April 1991) Letter to the Editor

Sibford Ferris Parish Council

Dear Barry,

The members of the Parish Council have asked that their concern be expressed in the next copy of the Scene about the parking in the main street at the Ferris. This is particularly worrying around the area of the telephone box which quite often has cars on both sides of the road. On several occasions large vehicles have found difficulty in getting through, and there could be serious delays if any of the emergency services were impeded in this way. It would obviously be a great help if those residents with off street parking could make regular use of it and for others to be aware of the difficulties they may be causing. It has also been noticed that agricultural vehicles have been making a mess of the verges in the village, and the Council would appreciate care on the part of these drivers also.

Best Wishes,
Pat Romans, Clerk to S.F.P.C.