(February 1991) Old Photos of Sibford

The exhibition of local photographs, postponed because oi the blizzard, was well worth waiting for.

Sunday, 16th December, was sunny, dry and cold, but there was a warm welcome from Arnold and Ina Lamb in The Friends’ Mission Room, where they had spared no pain in displaying an amazing collection of old photos of the district and many historic documents.

There were scenes of the great snowfalls of 1918 & 1947; photos of Sibford Elm, as well as of old cottages which have long since been replaced by modern buildings; of famous Sibford characters like Frank Lascelles with his friend Ivor Novello and his troupe of dramatic players; and of Theodore Lamb with his bike, snack and gramophone. Then there were official records of domestic purchases and other transactions with their unbelievably low prices; the names of individual fields and their owners; and much, much more.

There was a steady stream of visitors, who all found the exhibition most fascinating, and left, expressing their appreciation to Arnold and Ina for their hard work in arranging it. Thank you again.