(November 2020) What a turnout!

I’m so glad Tony was able to clear the front page of this month’s magazine to celebrate what you see there – the wonderful work of nearly twenty members of our Sibford community who showed up on Saturday October 10th for the Great Millennium Field Clear-up Party!

If he had had another page to spare I would have asked for 3 or 4 more to go in, there was so much to admire, so much to take in – and such a beautiful Autumn day, as you can see.

They came with saws and shears, loppers, secateurs and strimmers and spread out across the field cutting, and snipping until the great mound of compost in the bottom dell had tripled in size! It was a wonderful effort!

Thank you, all of you who took part! We did Paul Hobson proud. When everyone had gone – or all but one – I sat on the seat that carries his name and took in the beauty of the legacy he left us all.

Hugh Pidgeon