(May 2020) Sibford Support Group

Dear Ed,

Over the many years that I have lived in Sibford I have been very aware of the wonderful sense of community here and this is more evident now than ever.

I would like you to know that there is an army of “younger” volunteers ready to help those of us who are self-isolating, shielding and lonely. Having attended the meetings online of the Sibford Support Group I am humbled by the positivity and general desire to do so much for others and with so many new ideas and new technologies at their fingertips. There is ready and willing help to get us all through this.

Please do not hesitate to call on your local registered volunteer who will contact any one of the 80+ volunteers to act for you. There is no need for anyone in Sibford to feel isolated and without help at this time.

Stay safe!

Jean Scouse