(June 1990) Sibford Ferris playarea

Sunday, April 29th, dawned with the kind of splendour that promised a good day for all. Ten o’clock saw the departure of three local girls on a very hot and sweaty sponsored walk, which was successfully completed two and a quarter hours later! Many thanks to Leah Bryan, Cassie Huckfield and Fay Brettell for a much needed cash boost of £101 – well done girls!

Now to the main event – early afternoon saw feverish activity in the playarea as tables were erected, camping stoves lit and kettles put on to boil. Numerous balloons were blown up and tied to the fence, to give a colourful party feel to the forthcoming happening. As three o’clock approached, cakes were put out on the tables – many thanks to Joan Shields for her wonderful cake depicting the playarea – most creative! Teapots were warmed, and yes, members of the local community arrived en force. The main lady, Mrs. Bridget Hill, arrived clutching her opening speech in sweaty hands. At the appointed hour, silence was called for and Mrs. Hill began her speech. She spoke of the innovation and efforts needed to create the playarea and went on to give praise and thanks to all involved. Special thanks were given to Jane and Nigel Fletcher for their contribution, to the playarea committee. Well done ladies and gents for all the hard work and to the local community for its much needed support (and money!).

Lastly, and by no means least, special praise was given to a certain lady, without whose efforts and persistance none of this would have happened. She is of course, the one and only Bernie Jones – go on Bern, take a bow. The playarea was then declared officially open, Hooray!!

Refreshments were served and an enjoyable afternoon was had by all. The sun shone, cakes were eaten and tea was drunk. Many thanks to all who helped out and all who attended. Let’s hope everybody enjoys this valuable asset for many years to come.

Jenny Huckfield.