(September 1989) Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

Although I believe that the Sibford Scene is an ideal medium for publicising religious, charitable and most secular activities, I question its use for political purposes.

Indeed, the one page afforded to the Conservative Association for the purpose of publicising a party fund raising event would seem wholly inappropriate.

May I suggest that in order to preserve editorial integrity, that either a similar privilege is afforded all other political parties for their fund raising events, or that the Conservative Association is charged an appropriate fee for their announcements.

Yours faithfully,


The Editor is always delighted – and often amazed and much relieved to hear that someone, somewhere reads ‘The Scene’ – to receive critical comment on the contents.

It encourages reappraisal of the substance, often leading to alteration and improvement, but sometimes – such as on this occasion – after careful thought – it confirms the continuation of existing editorial policy, (This has the glorious self-satisfying effect of increasing the editor’s own estimation of the size of his hat band!)

Our policy is to accept all interesting contributions from both individual villagers and local societies and organisations be they Horticultural, Religious, ‘Sporty’, Social or Political. The Editor sees no valid reason to make an exception in the case of Local Political Associations who have never attempted to violate good taste by including Dogma or Propaganda in their simple copy concerning local interest.

The Conservative Association has recently been revitalised by ‘Monty’ and is now a thriving group dedicated to Village Social activities for the fun and benefit of all, together with their greatly admired fund raising events for charity.

The Scene prides itself (what yet again!) with helping to publish such events which have raised over £1500 for various charities in eighteen months while at the same time giving lively pleasure to everyone who cares to attend.

The Editor sees no reason to treat the twenty seven lines allotted to the Caribbean Evening as an unacceptable intrusion on existing policy as it too has a considerable charitable concept as well as providing relaxing fun for all.

The Scene gives equal opportunity to the Labour Party to publish Garden Parties and Fetes. Liberals and Greens have as yet not surfaced but will be welcome when they do.

The Conservative Association, like the Horticultural Society, the Parish Councils, The Cricket Club, The Sibford Gower Town Estate Charity, The Churches and many more, contribute most generously on a regular basis to the costs of Production of The Scene and the Editor feels this to be a more friendly, civilised and trusting way of balancing the books than charging such organisations for the privilege of announcing or reporting their interesting activities.

Quote – O.E.D.
“Political” – of persons engaged in civil interest as distinct from Military! “Purpose” – The object that one has in view.