(September 1988) Gas survey

The Sibford Ferris Parish Council should like to thank all those electors of the two Parishes who kindly helped the sixth formers of The Friends School to conduct the Gas Survey. The Council has received a letter from British Gas who say that they found the efforts of the sixth form to be very pleasing.

British Gas say that they have been inundated with requests for gas supplies and that they would be delighted to take the matter further. There is (not surprisingly) a slight snag – they estimate that contributions of about £1000 would be needed from each household to be connected. They would need a ‘substantial level of acceptances at such a contribution’ in order to proceed.

I should be grateful if you would let me know if you would wish me to persue the matter and am quite happy to convey a sack-ful of your acceptances to British Gas in Oxford!

Tony Skeath (Clerk to Sibford Ferris Parish Council)