(June 1988) The Dirty Village Duck Pond

Have you noticed that the Duck Pond needs a clean? This has not happened for a few years. As the pond is spring fed and thus cold, third weekend of July has been chosen, July 15th, 16th & 17th when the weather is mild.

Has anyone any better new ideas of how to clean the pond from the last time. This was (1) draining and collecting the fish in the evening (need somewhere to put the fish – but where?) and (2) next day cleaning the pond and removing stones, broken bottles and mess that has accumulated in the pond and (3) finally on this third day allowing the pond to fill again and putting the fish back.

Anyone’s help and ideas will gladly be received. Eric Payne has already given me helpful advice, but I would love to have yours. Please phone Beverley Hardman on 751. Next month I will have more definite times etc. BOOK THE DATES NOW.

Please help to tidy up the Duck Pond, for without help I will be unable to do the job by myself. Thank You.