(November 1987) Hold the front page!

The Scene is often criticised for, among many other things, lack of up to date news and ‘on the spot’ reporting. This month it is different! The Scene is pleased to publish unedited a world exclusive! A despatch from our roving reporter David Bristow on the inmediate after effect of the recent storms.

On Friday October 16th some of the Warriner School pupils were meant to go to Boulogne in France. Friday the.16th we could not have picked a worse day – the day of the big storm.

We all got up at 4.00 a.m. to leave the school at 5.00 a.m. It was all jolly until London. We were stuck. We could not proceed. Trees and power lines were blocking the road. We had lost the bus and the telephones weren’t working. The only thing to do was look for a telephone which was working. We found one. We rang the ferry company. No ferries running. We rang the police and told then to look for bus 1. Then the bus driver had the great idea of going to Chessington World of Adventure. Great! We arrived very excited. The teachers went to find whether it was open. It wasn’t. The storm had wreckedl it. What a disappointment!

Then the driver had another idea; to go to Hampton Court but the man on the door said “I’m afraid the storm has damaged the building, no public allowed in”. The only thing to do was have lunch and go shopping. We came back for 3.30 and caught our school buses home.

Almost a great day in Boulogne!

David Bristow. 2nd year.