(July 1987) Sibford Carnival

Miss A.L. Bennett has sent us this report:-

This event has taken place at last – the first, and in the middle of last week – the last! But is it?

Any volunteers for next year??

Now to results:-

  • The Floats’ Prize was won by the Cub Scouts.
  • Guessing the number of logs was won by Hr. Heydon of Brackley.
  • First Prize in the Draw was won by A Certain Prominent Military Gentleman from Burdrop.
  • Other prize-winners included Master I. Gilbert, Mrs Miller, Pratt, Warwicker, etc.
  • As to financial results: The Village Hall has benefited by some £500.
  • As to the Charity Stalls, Club Stalls and Car Boot Sale I cannot say.

Now to thank yous:

  • The Members of the Carnival Committee;
  • Those clubs that had stalls for the Village Hall;
  • Mr. & Mrs B. Phillips for their efforts on china ans glass stall;
  • Mr. and Mrs. Baker for their effort all over the place and the Youth Club for helping them;
  • Miss Le Mare for her Stall;
  • Mr. & Mrs Hardman for the Bottle Stall; etc. etc.
  • P.S. and thanks to the WI for serving teas.

The Cricket Match took place, enjoyed by all.

The Family Treasure Hunt took place and was enjoyed by the families that took part; prize was won by the Morbey Family of High Meadow.

Delicious teas were by Mr. Skeath and helpers.

Thanks must go to Mr. and Mrs. Simmonds for organising the Cricket Match, to Mr. and Mrs. Moir for the Treasure Hunt, and Mrs. Skeath for the Teas.


The village is indebted to Miss Bennett for her hard work both on the day and the weeks before. Thank you, Biddy.