(May 1987) Oddie’s field

Further to last month’s Gower Parish Council comments on vandalism in the Gower, may we bring to everyone’s attention the recent, extensive tree and hedge planting in Oddie’s Field. This planting will in time, we hope, bring pleasure to members of both village communities and enhance a part of the Sibfords so many enjoy. However, we have already had several trees and their supporting stakes vandalised by a small group of young people. As their activities were seen, we have been able to get the boys concerned to make good the damage they did. However, they have been told that any further damage will be reported to the Police.

Could we please emphasise the Scene’s request for everyone’s vigilance in such matters and ask everyone to share the responsibility for an amenity from which we can all benefit. It would be the greatest pity to have to fence off the footpath from the rest of Oddie’s Field (tobogganing would never be the same!) but if our efforts to beautify the field and encourage wildlife in the valley are to be thwarted, we shall feel obliged to do so.

Perhaps the Friends’ School will also join us in encouraging everyone to keep to the footpath – which is, after all, the only public right of way within the field.

Andrew and Marilyn Barrett.