(June 1985) Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church was built 145 years ago in 1840, that is, on the whole, quite young for a Church. If you were to go up in a helicopter you would be able to see that it was in the shape of a cross.

Inside it is very cold, but the air is still. The Church has very good acoustics, which means it echoes music or any noise very well.

On the east window there are lots of signs. There are four separate pictures each showing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John as animals. There is also a picture of Jesus on the cross and the dove of peace. Then come the signs Alpha and Omega, the Greek for A and Z, the beginning and the end. The east window has a mistake: Omega is upside down.

The font is always at the entrance to the Church, by the door. On the altar in Sibford Church are the letters I.H.S., Greek for the first three letters of JESUS.

Altogether the Church seats 400, though on average about 30 people go. At Easter and Christmas the Church can be full.

James Marcovitch
(Pupil at the primary school)
(adapted from James’ much longer account)