(June 1985) Domesday Project

During this term Primary School children all over Britain will be taking part in a mammoth project designed to update the Domesday Book of 1086.

Organised by the B.B.C., and under their guidance, our children will be collecting and collating information about their locality which will provide an invaluable piece of evidence for generations to come. When all the information has been collected the final data will be put onto our own school microcomputer. The B.B.C. will then collect individual cassettes and discs from all over the country and they will compile the final Domesday Project.

The task should provide great insight for the children into their own environment, and will also enable them to make records of how they see their own lives. We have been given two areas of 12 sq. km. to study. In all there will be four categories for information gathering:

  1. LAND USE The principal use of the land in our area residential, farmland etc.
  2. PRINCIPAL FEATURES Houses, shops, telephone boxes etc.
  3. WHAT LIFE IS LIKE TODAY Family, village, community life.
  4. PERIOD OF CHANGE A picture of how things have changed locally.

Could you offer help? We need information, contacts with interesting people , people who would talk about their life, work, house, interests with small groups of children or who could show them things of interest in the villages.

Please help if you can and share in this great project for the future. The school would love to hear from you.