(February 1984) Farewell to Mrs Brown

Mrs Brown has been working at our school for nearly 16 years. While Mrs. Brown has been here, she has seen 6 Head Masters and 52 members of staff.

In December Mr. Mansfield came and gave Mrs. Brown a cuckoo clock. Mrs. Brown had dinner with the teachers. When Mr. Mansfield gave the clock to Mrs. Brown she said,”If this is a cuckoo clock I will be the happiest lady in the world.” And it was a cuckoo clock, so she was the happiest lady in the world.

Michael Mason

In 1919 Edith Brown was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, to a big family of 4 sisters and one brother. Now Mrs. Brown has 13 grandchildren: 4 grandsons and 9 granddaughters. She has lived in Sibford all 45 years of her marriage.

In all her years of working, Mrs Brown has only had one accident, and that was not her fault. She has had lots of memorable moments. One of these was when she thought some yeast would not rise, so in the bin it went, and a bit later on, Mrs. Brown went outside and there the yeast was coming out of the bin. After cooking all these years, she most enjoys making roast dinner.

On February 11th, Mrs. Brown will be leaving England for America for her tenth visit. She has been to the White House twice and the Space Museum once, as well as President Kennedy’s grave and Salt Lake City.

She told us that she will be sad to leave the school.

Ross James and Patrick Tustian

…. Our thanks to the children of the Primary School for being such excellent reporters.