(September 2019) Gibraltar Farm and Quarry

A few memories:-

The farm used to have a large stone barn, stables, cattle sheds and yard with a small cottage.

The quarry was small until 1940 when stone was used to build the runways at Shenington “EdgeHill” aerodrome.

Wimpey were the main contractors. They moved into the quarry workshops with several lorries. These lorries were loaded under a metal chute along the lane to the west of the quarry. This was a very noisy operation. The stone was brought to the top of the chute in trucks on metal tracks and just tipped down. I know the full time mechanic Norman Dyer was kept very busy.

In the field at the end of the lane was a searchlight. Some of the soldiers who manned the light lived with us at Hill House in the Ferris. It was a nerve wracking job, and some of them had to be replaced.

In 1940 Gibraltar was a hectic place of work and Mrs Sabin of Temple Mill was glad when the airfield was finished.

David Dyer