(June 1983) Danger – Children at Risk in Sibford Ferris

There is a dangerous ‘deathtrap’ corner at the end of Main Street Sibford Ferris, known as Simms Corner. The traffic flow has increased enormously over the last year – there are now more heavy lorries, many more buses and increased cars flowing constantly round this corner. Also a new development of houses and residents’ parked cars adds to the congestion.

But there is also a great increase in the number of children living immediately round this area and throughout the village. Our concern is for their well-being and survival, as this corner must be crossed and passed-by many times a day:- going to school, meeting friends and going to play further afield. Must they always risk their lives in everyday activities?

Many residents of Sibford Ferris have signed a letter to the Oxfordshire County Council asking for recognition of the hazardous conditions, and therefore, traffic warnings, signs and restrictions to control the flow of traffic here.

We must have these things with priority and prevent the tragedy we all fear.

Anxious residents of Sibford Ferris