(May 1982) Church news

All whose children have attended Holy Trinity Sunday School over the past few years owe to Robin and Ann Spicer a great debt of gratitude. They have, with support from Paula Keen, and one or two others on a less regular basis, spent much time preparing and teaching the youngsters. They feel that they have done their stint and others ought to take a turn.

Mrs Mary Poulton, who has done a little teaching in the past, feels that she would be able to help, with the proviso that there are others found who would be willing to help cut on odd occasions. The Rector would be delighted to hear of any who would like to help Mary in this way; and all those children who have attended in recent years will be informed of the time and place. In the meantime, as you can see from the Calendar, we shall try and fill that gap by gearing the services towards the children.