(November 1981) Churchyard flowers

In last month’s Scene I read one small sentence at the end of an article about clearing the churchyard which referred to the placing of plastic flowers on graves, which the Church Council ‘felt to be inappropriate’, and since then one small word has repeated itself over and over in my mind. The word is WHY?

Who is offended by the presence of plastic flowers on graves? I cannot believe Our Lord would frown upon what is an obvious act of love when the majority of his people are engaged in acts of outrage the world over. So is it the appearance of artificial flowers that is not in keeping with the Church Council’s plans for the ‘best kept churchyard’?

Somewhere is someone very unhappy as a result of that one small sentence, and it is for them that I feel compelled to put pen to paper. Perhaps they are elderly or too infirm to climb the hills regularly; can they afford a constant supply of fresh flowers? Maybe they have moved away, or may it quite simply be that the loved one, now deceased, preferred plastic flowers?

Patsy Edwards
Sibford Ferris

Mrs Edwards‘ letter will be passed on to the Church Council. ed.