(October 1981) Sibford Life quiz

All the answers are to be found in back numbers of the Scene.

  1. Who had to choose between sharks and crocodiles?
  2. Who were they and when were they last seen?
  3. What part of the Sibford scene was missing in May 1977?
  4. Who found his passport to America in Sibford?
  5. Who won the competition for the Village Hall colour scheme?
  6. Who went “a’gooding” in December?
  7. Where would Reubin Sabin take you in the 1880s?
  8. Whom did the villagers take to court for more money?
  9. What ferrous object was resurrected in the Ferris?
  10. When did the Scene change shape?
  11. On what occasion was this said: “However widely people travel, Sibford is the place they like to come home to” ?
  12. What is The Loggins?
  13. Who indulged in a charitable bean-feast?
  14. Who resolved “Must dress up more often”?
  15. The Gower Post Office closed on June 30th, but which year?

(Answers at the bottom of page 7).