(January 1980) Resolutions

New Year is traditionally the time for resolutions – all the more important this time as we enter a new decade, and, from all the portents, a new world. We wondered how well-known Sibfordians might be girding themselves for the future.

Most seem to have resolved to make no resolutions, but some let us share their thoughts. The shortest belongs to Dame Anne Stephens, “To enjoy life”, while Miss Bennet’s is clearly born of bitter experience, “Not to drop or lose my glasses in odd places such as rubbish heaps, courtyards or graveyards”.

Mrs Mabel Payne’s goes back to her old school motto, “I am, I can, I ought, I will”, to which she characteristically adds, “try to help others”.

Mr John Sabin suggests a resolution for the whole village, “to make more effort for the tidy village competition”, while Mrs Dyer would like to wish all residents and visitors a happy and prosperous New Year. Barbro will do her best to provide Post Office services during 1980.