(December 1979) Coffee for Cambodia

At the Rectory on the above date (Tuesday 11th December), we want to break every record that Sibford has ever established. We want to help the poor miserably-treated people of Cambodia in a very real way.

We want you to come; we want you to bring and buy more generously than you have ever done before; we want you to support the cause‘even if you can’t come; we want you to enjoy your Christmas – but we want to try and make the Cambodian Christmas just that little bit more bearable than it might be.

Donations towards the fund will be accepted at the Rectory at any time between now and of the year.

At this season of generosity and good-will, may I appeal to you to make this event the biggest and best-ever fund raising event in the history of the Sibfords.

I challenge anyone to sit down with their Christmas Plenty without. having made a serious and worth-while donation to Cambodia.

Timothy Wimbush