(May 1979) Election time

Scene’s up-to-the-minute election coverage is thwarted at every turn by the fact that nominations close after we go to press. However, we can tell you that there will be a General Election on May 3rd!

District Council elections are on the same day. In Sibford We can congratulate Lewis Poulton on being returned unopposed and thank him, not only for his services to the village, but also for simplifying matters at the poll.

May 24th is the date for Parish elections when each village can choose five councillors. The Gower has a vacancy following Gordon Wright’s resignation — he no longer lives in the village — but we can’t as yet list all the candidates.

All we can say is watch the boards for information and, above all, PLEASE TURN OUT AND VOTE.

Annual Parish meetings usually happen in May, but the re-arranged elections have meant alterations this year. The Sibford Gower meeting will have been held at the end of April. In the Ferris the date has yet to be fixed. This is your chance to find out what your councillors have been doing and to raise matters of concern. They deserve our interest and support, so why not go along and play a part in our democracy.