(April 1979) Across and around the Sibfords

We intend to publish some articles and diagrams this summer which will describe how to identify and follow the many public paths and rights of way we are lucky enough to possess in and around these parts.

Old Sibfordians will not need to be told about them, but there are many new residents who are genuinely puzzled to find paths that peter out on them, obvious paths whose signs have disappeared and misleading information about short cuts that are not rights of way. We hope to help everyone with these simple notes.

The diagrams are intended to relate.the-paths to well~known landmarks: Church, Meeting House, school, pub, pond and the like. They are not to scale: serious walkers are recommended to get a copy of the Ordnance Survey sheet SP33 (1:25,000) which shows clearly all public paths and rights of way and other natural features.