(April 1979) Edith Lamb – poet

There will be many of the older Sibford inhabitants who will remember Joseph and Edith Lamb who emigrated to Australia to join their daughter, Jennifer, about twenty years ago.

Joseph died in 1969 but Edith, now 91 years old, has just had a book of verse printed. It is called Vignette of English Verse and is dedicated to ‘all lovers of the Old Country’. She is hoping soon to have a book of children’s verse printed with illustrations by one of her grand-daughters.

Here is one of her poems which is particularly appropriate at the moment.

Blackthorn winter

Because the primrose pioneers
The hazel groves invade,
And kingcups gild the marshy meres,
While starred are wood and glade
By pale anemones, and slopes
Of chalky downs are gay
With pulsatillas, born are hopes
That Spring has come to stay.
But winter has a plan to snatch
Another week. Last night
She covered hill and dale to match
The blackthorn bushes white:
And when the petals fall like snow
And drift along the lane
To coronation Spring will go
And Winter flee again.