(May 1978) Silver Jubilee

The accounts are available for inspection on request and will be available at the Sibford Gower Parish Meeting. Receipts from all sources amounted to £514.23, of which £227 came from donations. Expenditure amounted to £285.96, leaving a balance in cash of £228.27.  It was decided to purchase for each parish a seat to be donated to each Parish Council. Total cost £119.88. The balance of £108.39 is to be given to the Prince of Wales Fund. The Sibford Gower Parish Council have erected their seat by the Village Pond and I understand the Sibford Ferris Parish Council are to erect theirs on the Hook Norton road. Once again, the Jubilee Committee would like to thank everyone involved in the Jubilee celebrations for the kind donations and the very herd work put in by all, which made the event such a success.

Bill Johnson