(March 1978) Never absent never late

Exactly 100 years ago, on March 1st 1878, the first entry was made in the log book of Sibford Primary School, although, of course, the school was several centuries old even then.

The Headmaster, Mr. Peter Mansfield, has been gathering together material from the school’s past, documents from the Trustees, photographs, and other mementoes and these will be the basis of a project on the history of their own school that the children will be doing in March.

Sibford is full of ex-pupils and Mr. Mansfield would like to hear from anyone with recollections of former days, pictures, papers, prizes, or anything else that would illustrate the school’s past.

He already has a watch and medal from 1903 with the inscription “Never absent never late.” Can anyone remember how long they had to keep such a perfect record to receive these prizes?

It is hoped to mount a small exhibition towards the end of the nonth, open to all the village. A rare chance to see the school as it was – and as it is. If you can lend or give anything, or have a tale to tell, please contact Mr. Mansfield at the school as soon as possible.