(April 2019) The Annual Community Meeting of the Parishes of Sibford Ferris & Sibford Gower

A sign in a fieldHave you ever wondered what the Karate group gets up to of a Saturday morning, or how the films get chosen for Film Nights – or what you’d do if you found your favourite footpath had been fenced off? Are there ventures you’d like to set up if you could only find others of like mind? Or clubs and or societies you see advertised on the village website but wonder whether they’re for you?

You might be one of those who wonders why the Horticultural Society puts on two shows each year rather than one, what the Town Estates Charity has to do with the village primary school, or why the Ferris has street lights and the Gower does not.

You might run a small business in the villages and wonder sometimes how many others there are here, or how to get one of your local councillors on the case if you ended up in some kind of dispute with the District Council.

This is an extra-ordinary community – open-hearted, welcoming, and supporting dozens of activities, but some of them are still known only to their adherents and followers.

For the first time in their separate histories, the councils of the two Sibford parishes, Ferris and Gower have come together this springtime to host an annual community meeting: 6.00 to 8.00 pm on Thursday 9th May that brings together representation from all the villages’ many clubs, societies, organisations and institutions to celebrate the community that has grown up around them.

If you were one of those who regret it to this day they missed the wonderful exhibition laid on by the Sibfords Society to commemorate the ending of the 1st World War 100 years ago, this is the evening for you. And certainly this will be the evening for you if you’d been meaning to join the PTA as the parent of a child at one of our two schools but had never got around to it!

Concerned whether the Sibford Surgery is threatened by all the pressures there are on the NHS? Or whether the proposed housing development on Hook Norton Road might go ahead? This is the place to be! There’ll be live music, a surprise or two and an opportunity to get to find out all in one place what everyone else gets up to that you never even knew went on!
Two parishes, one community – and dozens of conversations!

Updates will be on the Sibfords Website: https://thesibfords.org.uk An institution in its own right!