(February 2019) Annual Football Match

The now annual football match between the Gower, managed by Alex Rippon, and the Ferris, managed by David Spackman, took place again on Boxing Day. The Gower team had still not really got over the 8/3 thrashing of last year and packed their team with youth, while the Ferris opted for a bit more experience.

The Gower were quickly 3 /1 up with 2 goals from Archie Rippon and 1 from Shami Wilson , the reply coming from Tom Spackman. The Ferris had a good penalty appeal turned down by the referee, and were certain VAR would have helped their cause. They got themselves back to 3/3 by halftime with 2 goals from Kit Duggan and the stage seemed set for a goal feast in the second half.

Some good football was played by both sides, with no quarter given. Many in the large crowd gasped as Joanna Parsons was taken out by a tackle any Premiership full back would have been pleased with. The last 10 minutes with the scores still level were very exciting, and both sides had good chances to win the game but it was not to be, and a draw was a fair result most felt.

Most of the players and their fans retired to the Wykham Arms afterwards to talk about this exciting game.