Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, June 14, Sunday

Very fine and hot summer day.

Prayers in Church for Emma Horsman whom I visited after Service this afternoon but found her insensible. Her husband was there – also her sister Mary Monroe.

Visited Miss Somerton, Mrs Dix, Mr George Dix and T. H. Hone.

Taught in boys’ school and visited Girls’ School. More boys than girls were present.

Attended Choir practice this evening.

1885, June 15, Monday

Very few children at School this morning and consequently closed it again for the week.

Dull and cold compared with yesterday.

Visited Heath allotments and Sibford Ferris allotments.

Drove Bell out this afternoon and then sent carriage to George Harris to repair front wheels.

Sent to enquire about Emma Horsman, who was still insensible, and died in the evening leaving 4 children, the eldest only 8.

Ezra Green called and asked me to write an order for medical relief as the Doctor refused to attend his children. I told him I had no authority to do that and that he ought not to need it. He had not asked the Doctor himself but the latter had told Green’s wife he could not attend unless he were paid, and they owe him an account which they make no effort to pay. I told Green to go to the Doctor himself – to tell him he would pay as soon as he could, if he would take the amount by instalments, and ask him to see the children. If the doctor then still declined to attend, he should go to the Relieving Officer and state his case.

1885, June 16, Tuesday 

Dull and cold. Visited Joshua Lines.

Mrs Shelswell, Miss Mawle, Miss Dix and Miss M. Dix came to tea. Miss Shelswell came afterwards.

1885, June 17, Wednesday

Mr and Mrs Mozley of Wigginton called.

Visited Widow Stockford mother of James Tay’s wife who comes from South Newington. Mr Whitehead, the Vicar, brought her here last week, as she is over 80 and thought she would like to be under her daughter’s care. Mr Whitehead wrote to me about her – as she was widow of his old clerk and a very worthy woman.

Mr Oddie called this evening. Visited Richard Staines and Brass Band practice room.

Bell and I visited Miss Dix. The Mann girls and Miss Shelswell were there.

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