Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1885, April 13, Monday 

Visited John Lively and Thomas Wilks, H Keene, Ann West (not at home), Charles Legge, Ben Messenger (whose wife desires to be confirmed) and Mrs Shelswell.

Paid Solicitor’s account for Harry 10/- for suing him for £4 due to Askew & Gabbitas, agents, for the situation he now holds, which amount I also paid some weeks ago.

1885, April 14, Tuesday

Fine but cold.

Drove Bell and Frank to Banbury to get some paper for the ceilings and passages of my house.

Received telegram from Rev. H. Powell, St Paul’s House, Upper Maze Hill, St Leonard’s, asking whether I was still searching. I replied that I was. A letter I afterwards received from him showed that he had nothing special to offer and that he had found another reason for wanting to dispose of his place, so that I did not encourage him to reopen the correspondence.

John West called and I paid him 26/- for 13 days work cleaning the Plantation at Sibford Heath.

1885, April 15, Wednesday

Arthur Lamb and Isaac Padbury, overseer, objected to work at pond because of expense and Vestry had not been consulted. They came to me, and were very angry. Adkins consented at their request to suspend his work for a few days till a Vestry could be held to consider the matter.

Visited Mr Mann.

Visited Mr Woolgrove. Mr R. Lamb came in  whilst I was there – I told him about the pond – he had not heard anything about it. Mr Woolgrove thought the Rural Sanitary Authority would carry out the work and that the Vestry had nothing whatever to do with it.

There was a fall of snow at night.

1885, April 16, Thursday 

The ground was slightly covered with snow this morning.

Drove to Banbury Board of Guardians. Pond business not mentioned.

Miss S. Dix called this evening.

John Adkins called to speak about the pond.

Old Richard Payne died at 6.30 pm after only two days illness – aged 84.

Mr J. Pettipher’s baby died.

1885, April 17, Friday

Visited Widow Charlotte Harris, Mary Lively, Elizabeth Holland.

Sent for Lucy Lines to speak privately about confirmation.

Visited Ann West, Thomas Henry Hone, Benjamin Messenger, Mr George Dix, Edward Scruby, W. Barnes

Met Rev. John Powell, son-in-law of Mr Henry Norris, of Swalcliffe Park who was bringing me a note from Miss Norris relating to the arrangements for the confirmation.

1885, April 18, Saturday

Alice and Lily Mountain came on a visit. I sent Webb to meet them at Banbury as I had rheumatism in my left hand and could not drive.

1885, April 19, Sunday 

Summer day. Taught Boys School ini morning.

Buried Richard Payne at 5 pm.

Visited Dyer at Colony whose wife is very ill with bronchitis. She did not want to see anyone, so the husband said.

Ann West came to the Vestry at 4.30 about confirmation, I find she cannot read at all.

Visited Mrs Shelswell.

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