Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

Saturday, 17th January, 1885 

Harry returned to Kentisbury, Webb drove him to Banbury. I had to give him a sovereign to go back with, as usual.

Buried Mr George Harris.

Joseph Pettipher called and asked me to sign a requisition to Mr Albert Brassey to stand in Conservative interest for North Oxon. I did so.

Monday, 19th January, 1885

Government Inspector Rev H. A. Pickard and his assistant Mr Eley inspected the School. 93 children present.

William Lamb called for Taxes. Thomas Lamb, the Treasurer and Richard Gaydon the Secretary of the Brass Band called with an apology from Albert Young for his bad conduct a few nights ago. “He was very sorry and would not do it again”. All the members were ashamed of his behaviour. I consented to overlook it, for this time.

Tuesday, 20th January, 1885 

Elijah Hancox called to pay Balance of rent for Furze land.

George Green’s wife called and spoke about her brother Albert Young’s bad behaviour at the Brass Band Committee Meeting. I encouraged her to do all the good she could by persuading him to do right. She has had a very good influence over him ever since he has lodged with her.

Visited old Benjamin Aris. He was asleep – no one was about, so I did not awaken him.

Wednesday, 21st January, 1885

Richard Wilks died suddenly this morning. Old Benjamin Aris died a few hours after. Both were under care of Widow Bond, daughter of the latter.

Visited Benjamin Aris before he died, but he seemed unconscious. Visited Benjamin Aris junior his son, at same house; ill.

Visited Eliza Harris, Widow Bishop, John Horseman, Thomas Lively, Thomas Green and Miss Dix. Gave latter 3/- towards old folks’ tea.

Thursday, 22nd January, 1885

Attended Board of Guardians Meeting. Webb drove and I took Frank.

Took out Summons at County Court for John Holtom of Sibford Ferris 25/- allotment rent due last Michaelmas and 12/6 up to next Michaelmas total 37/6.

Visited Mr Woolgrove, Dr Routh (not in) – saw Mrs Routh.

News of Battle of Abu Klea in the Soudan on Saturday last when 1500 British defeated 10000 of the Mahdi’s troops.

Friday, 23rd January, 1885

Visited John Horsman and wife. Their boy Harry is ill with rheumatism and bronchitis.

Went over Heath farm and examined work done there by Poulton, carpenter during year.

Visited Elizabeth Bond and Mr George Dix.

Sunday, 25th January, 1885

Taught in Boys School this morning.

Rev Mr Fessenden preached this afternoon for S.P.G. He is Rector of Chippewa in Diocese of Niagara. He came in cab from Broughton which took him to Bloxham after tea.

Attended Choir practice this evening.

Monday, 26th January, 1885  b

Buried Benjamin Aris senior aged 83.

Visited Widow Thomas Manning, John Manning, Sibford Ferris and John Reason.

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