Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1884, November 3, Monday

Bright and fine. Bell and Frank accompanied me in a drive round Lower Tadmarton and Shutford. Met Mr Gerahty in his parish and conversed with him.

Mr Mann came this evening to speak about the Church accounts.

1884, November 4, Tuesday 

Fog. Taught in School.

Visited Horsman and his wife who expressed their gratitude to me for pleading their cause before the Board of Guardians and getting them 5/- per week for a fortnight, to be renewed if necessary. They have been very improvident people. Though he has earned good wages as a Mason, he has spent a great deal in “drink” and is in no club. Now they are both ill, unable to leave their beds, and are entirely destitute. Their boy Harry, who is at home, earns very little, and their daughter Eliza who left her situation to nurse them has to be kept. Five shillings a week is not much, but it is better than nothing. I wanted to get more for them, but could not.

Went to Swalcliffe and called on Canon Payne. He is better but not out of his room yet.

1884, November 5, Wednesday

Mr and Mrs Mann and Mr Woolgrove came to tea to square up Church Accounts for warming and general purposes. Mrs Woolgrove was not able to come, being rather unwell.

We went up to the Schoolroom at 7 pm where we had summoned a meeting of subscribers to the Church warming apparatus, but it being a very wet night only Mr Fox was there – though Dr Routh came in when the business was over. The accounts showed that all was paid for and there was about 6/9 in hand.

1884, November 6, Thursday

Attended School Attendance Committee at Banbury. Brought out Kitty Rogers on a visit. Saw Mrs Shelswell at the Station. She had come down by same train but not in same carriage as Kitty.

Visited the Misses Dix and showed them the Balance sheet of the Church warming apparatus as well as the general expenses account.

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