Diary of Rev Edward Stevens

1881, June 21, Tuesday   a

The Sibford Temperance Association people gave a free tea to the members of the Band of Hope of Sibford, Epwell and Swalcliffe this afternoon and tea to others at 9d. each.  At halfpast 9 I passed through the field and saw 50 or 60 men and women and youths playing at “Kiss in the ring” and a number of boys and girls wandering about. There appeared to be no one to look after them, and many of the children were from Epwell and Swalcliffe. I was told afterwards that many of them were about at 11 p.m.

1881, August 21, Sunday 

A Great Camp Meeting was advertised to be held at Epwell White House today. All comers were notified to bring their meals with them.

1881, August 26, Friday

On the quarter acre allotments last night I estimated  that 1 man had 120 rows of potatoes on half 1 piece, i.e. 960 rows to the acre. If 6 rows produce one bushel at 2/-, the acre’s crop is worth £16 whilst the rent is only £1. This is a very moderate calculation both as to quality and price.

1881, August 27, Saturday

Mrs Routh sent to borrow my carriage this afternoon to meet a train at Banbury Station, theirs being broken.

1881, September 26, Monday 

The School was reopened this morning, but last week’s rain delayed harvest operations so much that little or no gleaning having been done, only 9 children presented themselves. Mr. Elley came down and told me the state of matters and I therefore authorised him to close for this week.

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