Stevens 1895-03-21

Text, letter

Dull in morning, Sunshine at about noon. I called at Miller & Abbotts’ office yesterday and asked for the memorandum of agreement with Richard Gaydon when I let him my fields and buildings four years ago. Miller & Abbotts sent it to me this morning.

I visited the school. I visited Cassell and his wife and found them both quite convalescent. I also visited Miss Sabin and found her better than when I last saw her. Saw also Charles Barnes and his wife.

I am sorry to learn that Mrs George H Hall of the Rectory Farm, Swalcliffe, is suffering from melancholia of a pronounced type, and that she was taken away to a private asylum yesterday. I saw the doctor (Routh) at Maycock’s the hair-dressers yesterday. He then said he feared the worst for her.

I wrote to Rev A W Russell, Rector of Hook Norton, saying I was sorry I could not see him when he called a day or two ago, and that I was in bed having been suffering for a long time with a bad cold which I only kept in subjection by taking as much rest and warmth as I could. I did not tell him he called at an awkward hour, 11 am.

This is the final diary entry in the volume, but the last couple of pages are filled with notes and addresses as below.

Surgical instrument maker Heather Biggs, 56 Wimpole St, Cavendish Square, London.

Conrad Meyer; Auckland House, High Road, Chiswick.

For relaxed throat, make a gargle of borax and alum in equal proportions

W E Brown, Reading Villa, Denmark Road, Watford

Thatching. Stubble £2.2.0 per load, done by a square of 10 ft. A load does 6 squares, i.e. 7/- a square. 4/- a square for coating tar-cord etc extra. Kitchen, coal house and stable 20 squares. Hovel 4 squares. John Lively 13/10/87.

Salad oil is best for carriage wheels, or lard oil.

Albany Temperance Hotel, Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth. I was there December 9 1885.

Mrs Prosser, 28 The College, Bromley

Mrs Smith: St Wade: Bromley Park, Kent

W S Staff, 6 Hedgerley Park Terrace, Turnham Green W.

Kate Woods (Cooper) Barrington Villa, Spring Road, Ipswich.

Ships that pass in the night” by Beatrice Harraden, 11th edition 1893. 3/6. London, Laurence & Bullen, 16 Henrietta St, Covent Garden, WC 223pp.

Rev E Bankes, Coleshill, Vicarage, Highworth, Wilts.

William Green, Esq, Sarisbury, Southampton

Miss Sotteck, Association of German Governesses, 16 Wyndham Place, London W.

Mr W N Andrew, Headmaster of Bodicote Church School, Banbury.

Hon Sec to Oxford Eye Hospital: B H Baden Powell, Esq, 29 Banbury Rodd, Oxford

Patent Horse Clippers. S Goff & Co. 17-18 King St, Covent Garden. Special Clipper 3/9, Excelsior Clipper 4/6

Miss Sotteck, 15 Tragheimer Pulverstrasse, Koenigsberg i Pr.

Mr Sibsee: at Dr Routh’s

Fastolf and Hornet raspberries. The latter are the best. Of Smiths of Worcester

Francis Hennig, “Nursted”, 10 Tweedy Road, Bromley, Kent

Rev T Daniel Hopkyns, 20 Colchester Road, South Hampstead, NW

Harry, 18 St. Mary’s Rd, Notting Hill; West

Miss Lomas, 18 Holmdale Rd. West Hampstead, NW

Union Moss Litter Co 25/- per ton on rail, 20 Broad Chare, Newcastle on Tyne

Rev Thomas Daniel Hopkyns, 20 Winchester Rd, South Hampstead NW

Mrs Kerr (Mrs Lindsay Page’s daughter), 22 Stanford Road, Kensington W.

Land agent to let farms Mr E Jackson, 11 Queen Victoria St, EC. Advertisement in “Times”, March 19 1895

Rev William Fisher, MA, 38 Charlotte Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham: Midland District Secretary of British and Foreign Bible Society