Stevens 1895-02-21

Text, letter

Sunny. Frost is going fast during the day. I had a sleepless night but got up after breakfast. Received a letter from Rex Mountain saying that his brother Percy died at Hawtree yesterday morning at 10.40. He passed away peacefully in his sleep. I wrote letters of condolence to his mother and his wife. He had been married less than a year.

Visited the school and gave out Penny Bank Books with Premiums entered for regular attendance. Worked at Loggin Sibford Accounts last night and this evening and finished them.

Frank sent me the letter he received from the Tailor who made his overcoat which was accidentally burnt at Adderbury. I sent it on to the Ecclesiastical Buildings Fire Insurance Society. The Tailor has seen it and says it cannot be satisfactorily repaired. It cost £2.5 new.


Cutting from Banbury Advertiser, 21 February 1895


NEWFOUNDLANDS.—Two puppies, viz., “Burnaby II” and “Brandy,” bred at Woodway Farm, took second and third prizes in the puppy class last week at Cruft’s Dog Show, London, their sire taking first prize in limit class.

DIORAMIC ENTERTAINMENT.—Mr. H. B. Stanley, of Banbury, gave an entertainment at the Friends’ School on Wednesday evening, 13th inst, illustrative of “A trip to the East,” the lantern slides used being of a very artistic character. Mr. Stanley was assisted by Mr. Howard Chapman, of Banbury. There was a crowded and very appreciative “house,” Mr. Oddie having extended invitations to residents of Sibford, A cordial vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Stanley and Mr. Chapman, on the proposition of Mr. Oddie, and the gentleman named acknowledged the compliment paid them.