Stevens 1894-08-05

Text, letter

H.C. 27. Collections for choir excursion, Morning 14.10½, Afternoon 8/7½, total £1.3.6.

Mrs Routh is very ill and was prayed for in church this afternoon. I went down to see her this evening. Doctor Finlay of Brailes and Francy Junior and Routh were there, also Miss Grace, Mary Thame and Miss Hayward? I was not permitted to stay with Mrs R more than 3 minutes. Doctor Routh and the nurse were in the room all the time. The former was deeply affected.

At Sibford Ferris, on my return, I met Mr Oddie who walked back to Sibford Gower with me and told me of his quarrels with R H Lam who he says behaves very badly.

Frank went to Swalcliffe Church this evening. I churched Richard Gaydon’s wife.