Stevens 1894-05-17

Text, letter

Dull but only a few slight showers. Walked down to Swalcliffe Park and Vicarage to see Mr Ramsay. Took tea with Mrs Norris, the Major and Mrs Ramsay at the Park. Called on Miss M Dix who has been taking the Clothing Club money since Dr Wilkinson’s death, and appears to be in some difficulty, Dr W having had no opportunity, on account of his serious illness and sudden death, of squaring up the account to date and paying into the Banbury Savings Bank the last few weeks’ money. Of course his executors are responsible but there appears to be some difficulty in making them understand the matter.

Mr Ramsay showed me the last School Reports of Her Majesty’s Inspector for Epwell that for the former is very bad and practically demands the dismissal of the school-mistress, Miss Husband. The latter demands the appointment of a certificated teacher, which Miss Tranter was not. So she has left and a certificated teacher has been appointed and is at work there. Ramsay took me into the Schoolroom. The children were clean and orderly and the room looked very nice. The Government require a separate room for the infants. Mr Ramsay thought that if the room were divided by a wooden partition, it would meet their requirements. I replied that very probably it would not, and that whilst they were about it they had better build a separate room.