Stevens 1893-05-25

Text, letter

Cutting from Banbury Advertiser, 25 May 1893


JUVENILE FRIENDLY SOCIETY.—A Movement is afoot to start a Juvenile Branch in connection with the Friendly Society, if sufficient support can be obtained. A scheme has been issued and circulated in the neighbourhood, from which we learn that it is proposed to admit children from five to ten years of age for a 1d. a week, five to fourteen, 2d. per week, fourteen to eighteen (at which age they enter the parent society) 3d. per week. Those under ten years of age receive no sick pay, but will be entitled to free medical attendance and 30s. for funeral, from ten to fourteen the sick pay will be 2s. per week and above fourteen 4s., with doctor, the funeral allowance being 50s. and 70s. respectively. The pay to be “full” for half a year and then drop to “half” for the remainder of the illness. All parents wishing to enter their children, or seeking further information, should apply to the secretary, Mr. L. T. Poulton, without delay, as the meeting to enrol members will be held on 30th inst.

ACCIDENT.—A somewhat serious accident happened to Mr. John Hopkins, farmer, of this parish, on the 12th inst. Mr Hopkins was returning from Banbury with his waggon laden with a ton of artificial manure and several other commodities, and when passing Crouch Farm it appears he must have attempted to alight from the waggon by means of the shaft while the vehicle was in motion, and missed his footing, falling in front of the wheels, both of which passed over him. Help was speedily at hand in one of Mr. Miller’s men working close by, and shortly afterwards Mr. H. Salmon, who was returning from the annual training of the Yeomanry, came upon the scene, and immediately returned to Banbury and procured a cab, in which the unfortunate gentleman was conveyed home, and the services of Dr. R. L. Routh immediately called in, when it was found that with the exception of one rib, no bones were broken. The left foot, leg, and side were very much bruised and lacerated. We are glad to hear that Mr Hopkins is progressing as favourably as can be expected.