Stevens 1890-01-30

Text, letter

Meeting of Town Estates and Loggin Trustees in School room at 2 p.m. Mr W. H. P. Jenkins in the chair; present: Dr Wilkinson, Mr James Rymill, Mr George Hall, Mr Josiah Woolgrove, Mr Richard Payne, Mr John Ward Shelswell and myself.

Mr Hall wasted our time and somewhat ruffled our tempers by again proposing a Quaker, Mr Richard Lamb, as a trustee, and by insinuating very openly that there were some persons (non-beneficiaries) who grumbled about the administration of the charity.

Everyone else was dead against Mr Hall who posed as the “Working man’s friend”.

Mr. Jenkins told him that:

  1. We had no need of another Trustee, everything being managed as well as could be.
  2. The Charity Commissioners refused to go to the expense and trouble of appointing Trustees who were not wanted.
  3. That it was required that Trustees (of the Loggin Charity, at least) should be members of the Church of England. He read a clause from an old Charity Commissioners’ Report which I had copied into the Loggin Minute Book from the published report which I found at the Bodleian Library in Oxford.