Stevens 1886-12-20

Text, letter

The diary continues after 4 missing pages.

Jesse Bishop came this evening to ask whether the Trustees would abate his rent (£120 for Sibford Heath Farm, about 160 acres). I said the Trustees would consider any application made them in writing. He said he thought they would meet tomorrow, the 21st. I replied that he had no reason to think so, for there had never been a meeting before the end of the year to my knowledge. I could see that he did not want to pay his rent and yet wished to see how I should take it. So I told him in very firm and unmistakeable tones that if the rent were not paid tomorrow I should have to put the matter into the solicitors’ hands. He said a good deal about the Farm Committee not keeping their promises, about Austin’s bad farming, and my “refusing to let his children come to school for less than 6d per week” or to bring the matter before the Trustees, and committed himself to other untrue statements for which I had to reprove him very sharply.