Stevens 1886-11-29

Text, letter

Very fine, but cold.

Drove Bell to Tadmarton. Called on Mrs Smith at the Rectory, which she is to leave next Thursday, as the new Rector Mr Riddle, Vicar of Rydal, is coming in at the end of the week.

Called on the McDermots at Tadmarton Manor House. Some of the young men about the place have, for the 5th time, pulled off the coping stones on one of the McDermots’ walls. Las year one of them was prosecuted for the offence and got 6 weeks imprisonment at Oxford. Now he has offered a reward for information etc and has had notices put up to that effect. Also a notice that he will turn out all the tenants from his cottages if the name of the offender is not given up. The latter is an unnecessarily harsh and very unwise step. He appears to be very unpopular, and apparently with reason.

Visited school, Mary Lively and Ezra Green.