Stevens 1886-10-19


Showery. Drove with Burdon to Sandford St Martin, to clerical meeting at Rev Edward Marshall’s. We went through Hook Norton, Swerford and Great Tew, but did not get wet. It was a long and tedious drive as the hills are bad and I did not know the way. Gave Mr Whitehead a lift on returning, and drove through Worton, South Newington and Wigginton. The drive home was very long and dull – but we escaped the rain both going and returning. Miss Marshall, and a sister of Dean Plumptre were at dinner.

Leah Sabin, sister of late Humphrey Sabin, called this morning about the girl Sarah Sabin and asked me to write to James’s Home Fulham to ask if they would take her in. I told her I would write, but could give no hopes of success. I thought the best thing would be for the girl to get a place. She is a very naughty girl; but perhaps hardly a fit subject for a “Home”.